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The Copic Marker System

At first they seem expensive relative to other markers. Yet despite the price, Copic markers are still the preferred marker among professionals, and growing in popularity with serious students because of the benefits they offer. Their strongest feature is that they are refillable once the ink has run out, and they have replaceable tips, making them ideal for long-term use and actually cheaper in the long run.

How to Refill Copic Markers

Baylee Jae demonstrates how to refill all types of Copic markers.

Blending Colours With Copic Markers

Another great video from Baylee Jae. Basic and advanced techniques on blending different colors using Copic markers to achieve vibrant and authentic shades.

TIP: When combining light and dark colors, make sure to use an in-between color as a transition to help soften the blend between light and dark.

Step by Step Copic Sketch Markers

Evan Burse of Cartoon Block gives his take on how to use Copic markers by demonstrating the colouring of Iron Man in this extremely entertaining tutorial.

How to Color Manga with Copic Markers

This Copic marker tutorial by Sophie Chan provides an in-depth, step-by-step process on how to beautifully color your Manga using these markers. The techniques applied in this video are essential viewing for anyone who wants the most out of their Copic markers.

How to Create Shadow Effects

Amy Reeder of TokyoPop demonstrates how to create shadow effects on an illustration for more vibrant and realistic artwork. This is part one of a very energetic two-part series.

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